Herbal Medicine

Preparing green herb sitting on the table next to a cup of water.
Green tree leaves that's used for herbal medicine.

At A Better Life Naturopathic Healthcare, we honor the enduring tradition of plant-based healing. This practice, as ancient as humanity itself, encompasses the use of various plants such as turmeric, poppy, and cannabis to alleviate pain, heal wounds, manage diseases, and foster mental tranquility.

The wisdom of the esteemed Greek physician Hippocrates, who advocated for food to serve as medicine, continues to guide our approach. The therapeutic power of a nourishing bowl of chicken noodle soup, abundant with fresh vegetables and herbs, is a testament to this philosophy, particularly during recovery from common ailments like cold or flu.

Our naturopathic doctors have undergone an intensive four-year training program focusing on the therapeutic use of plants for various conditions. This knowledge, coupled with a comprehensive understanding of herbal pharmaceuticals, forms the cornerstone of our herbal medicine practice. Additionally, we incorporate nutrition counseling to provide a holistic approach to healthcare.

A Better Life Naturopathic Healthcare is unwavering in its commitment to evidence-based practices. We employ a meticulous process in the selection and application of herbs for disease treatment and management, ensuring our methods are substantiated by scientific research. Our objective is to enhance your life through natural means.

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